How does your service work?

The Cable Warehouse starts with a scope of work provided by the telecommunications company, then combines our vendor matching system with our years experience as cable operators to determine which vendor or vendors are the best fit for the needs of that telecommunications company. We then provide proposals, recommendations or options to the telecommunications company and they make the final decision. Also, they are under no obligation to use our recommendation or service providers if they do not wish to.

Is your service just for large telecommunications companies?

Not at all. While TCW does do a considerable amount of work for the largest telecommunications companies, we are equally comfortable and successful with smaller telecommunications providers in both urban and rural areas.

How do you determine what companies you will recommend?

TCW believes that each project is unique, so we rely on extensive up-front dialogue to get the full scope of work and from that we use our cable experience to determine which companies may be the best option for the project. From there we narrow the list based on available resources, geography and interest to determine which company or companies have the highest likelihood to meet the goals of the project.

What is the cost of your service?

There is no cost for the cable operator for TCW’s service to find contractors and service providers for them. TCW is paid a finder’s fee by the vendor if they get the work. All vendors in a given category of work pay TCW consistent fees so there is no financial incentive for TCW to recommend one vendor over another. Our goal is to ensure a successful project.

How can I get my company listed on your website?

The Cable Warehouse is not a listing service. All companies listed on TCW’s website are ones who have passed an extensive vetting process that includes personal experience and / or references from trusted cable operator colleagues. Since our business is growing rapidly, TCW is always looking for new, qualified, experienced companies that can add to the success of our clients, so if you are interested in being considered, please contact us.

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