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July 13, 2011

Innovative e-Learning Program for Door-to-Door Cable Sales Reps Creates Bottom-Line Boost

A new sales training company is making giant changes to e-Learning all across North America. Unlike current one-size-fits-all e-Learning courses, this specific “how to” video instruction program delivered on-demand via the web teaches sales communication skills for door-to-door cable sales reps. The result? A boost to cable operators’ bottom lines. The reason? More skilled and confident reps make more sales with more RGU’s.

Des Moines, IA—7/08/2011 –, a new sales training company dedicated to the hardline cable television industry, is the first in the world to create and deliver via the web specific on-demand “how-to” video instruction for each step of the sales process for door-to-door cable sales reps. Now, those who sell video, Internet and telephone service door-to-door can immediately log on to an online Cable College and attend a proven video sales training course that shows them exactly what to do and what not to do to be successful. They no longer have to wait for the traditional classroom-style training course to begin or rely on a general “one size fits all” e-Learning program.

For cable operators with hundreds or thousands of sales representatives spread out across multiple states and regions, classroom-style sales training sessions are expensive and also impractical for repeat refresher courses. After the initial training sessions, sales reps are largely on their own. To help sales reps maintain their skills without sending them to expensive classroom training sessions, many operators turned to e-Learning. Unfortunately, all e-Learning sales training content available up until recently was either too general to be helpful or it put people to sleep—or both.

Enter Partners Kim Robinson and Rene’ Wukich have changed e-Learning forever. In 2008, the pair began converting their proven two-day in-person sales training course for door-to-door cable sales reps into five one-hour lessons of specific how-to video instruction for each step of the door-to-door sales process. Their web-based delivery system now has thousands of sales reps across North America learning how to become and remain successful door-to-door cable sales reps. “Kim and Rene’ have done a super job of creating entertaining and effective sales training and coaching courses that have helped us to boost sales across all regions,” says Jay Kirschner, corporate director of sales for US Cable. “We can now plug a new hire or a struggling veteran into their course immediately instead of having to wait for a live session to become available, and they can see how it is supposed to be done at every step of the process. All the rep needs is a computer with a high-speed connection and speaker. That’s all.”

About utilizes cutting-edge, 21st century web-based technology to deliver concise, efficient, entertaining and effective sales and customer service video instructional courses to cable operators for every area of direct customer contact. Founded in 2008 by door-to-door cable sales veteran, professional speaker and author Kim Robinson and former cable executive Rene’ Wukich, has boosted sales performances for some of the top cable companies in the United States and Canada and has quickly become known as the most effective direct sales training program in the country. now has offices in Des Moines, Iowa, and Pensacola Beach, Florida.

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Kim Robinson
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April 14, 2011

Eastlink Partners with 21st Century Training Company

HALIFAX, NS – 4/14/2011 – Eastlink announced today that it has partnered with a unique new company that uses video learning and 21st-century technology to bring effective sales and customer service training to all of its frontline employees at a fraction the cost of traditional training., a cable television industry dedicated sales and customer service training company based in Des Moines, IA is the first in the world to effectively take advantage of the ubiquitous penetration of high-speed Internet access to deliver its video learning and coaching courses right to the individual computer screens of cable television industry sales and customer service personnel all across the United States and now Canada.

“Eastlink has a diverse workforce spread out across a large geographic area, and keeping everyone up to date on their sales and customer communication skills is vitally important to our company’s continued success. But the time and expense required by the traditional classroom style approach simply does not work,” said Dan Wambolt, Consumer Sales Manager for the company. “Our in-house trainers are top notch, but the lost work from people going to a classroom, combined with the monetary expense of bringing everyone together at one time, were just too much to keep everyone’s skills where they need to be. We needed a better way and we found it with These guys have got it figured out.” was founded in 2007 by Kim Robinson and Rene’ Wukich—two subject matter experts in both the consultative sales process and the cable television industry. The couple transitioned Robinson’s in-person door-to-door sales training course through 20th Century technologies of teleconferencing and webinars before they decided to gamble with video. “We figured that penetration of high-speed Internet access had risen to the point where we could use it for video instruction, so we tossed out the “old” technologies and searched for something new,” said Robinson. “Rene’ found a terrific new high-tech company that delivered multi-class video college courses via the web and got them to adapt their platform to met our needs of short, single-class courses. We then had the delivery platform so we shot a video version of our course and we launched,” he added.

“Videos about how to sell have been round since talkies began,” added Rene’ Wukich. “What sets our courses apart from all others is that they are actual courses entertainingly presented by a professional speaker, with participant workbooks, video components and assessment tests. And we just added another 21st Century component of online tracking, field evaluations and reporting so that we now bring to the party an entire Sales Learning Management System.”

“We looked far and wide for a solution to our training needs,” added Wambolt. “But the only relevant online content we found put us to sleep and the videos were all too general to be truly effective. With we get spot-on content delivered right to the individual computer screen of every employee in every area of direct customer content regardless their time zone. What you want when you want it works for us.”

About Eastlink

Eastlink is a privately held company and Canada’s fifth largest cable provider with (fill in the blank here) number of employees in (fill in the blank here) number of regions of the country. The company now provides digital video, super high-speed Internet access and local and long distance telephone service to over 700,000 Canadian homes (I’m guessing at that number, Dan.).

About utilizes cutting edge, 21st Century web-based technology to deliver concise, efficient, entertaining and very effective sales and customer service training classes and courses to cable operators and contract sales teams alike. Founded in 2007 by cable veteran, professional speaker and author Kim Robinson and former cable executive Rene’ Wukich, has boosted sales performances for some of the top cable companies in the United States and quickly become known as the most effective direct sales training program in the country. D2D Cable now has offices in Des Moines, Iowa and Pensacola Beach, Florida.

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Kim Robinson
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January 1, 2011

Classroom Style Sales Trainers No Longer Needed

21st century technology makes it possible to train thousands of sales people for a fraction the cost of in-person classroom training.

DES MOINES, August 25/PR Newswire/-Last year the #1 sales trainer for the cable industry only needed two days to train twenty sales reps to be successful selling digital video, HSD and telephony door-to-door. Now he can train hundreds of people every day—and not just on how to sell at the door but in multiple areas of customer contact—by using 21st Century technology to create and distribute his sales training courses on video via the web.

“In-person sales training for the cable industry is dead,” says long-time cable industry executive and current President of the cable industry sales training company D2D Cable Rene’ Wukich. “The attendance limit for effective training tops out at about 20 people at a time, and large MSOs have hundreds of sales reps spread across a lot of real estate. Combine the high churn aspect of door-to-door sales with the training related expenses of travel, meals, accommodations and lost productivity while in training and you have the current industry situation where large MSOs simply can’t afford to provide their people with in-person classroom training. The day of the trainer is over.”

Training films have existed since moving pictures became “talkies,” and with the advent of video, training without a trainer became commonplace. But producing films and videos is expensive and the companies that purchase them are still left with the related expenses of bringing everyone together at one time. Thus, the convenience of a video is negatively offset by the expense of bringing everyone together to watch it.

Enter 21st Century technology.

Now companies can train their sales people at times most convenient to them—without spending a dime on travel related expenses or wrestling with schedules of trainers and attendees.

“What makes this now possible is the high penetration of high speed Internet access combined with the incredible advancement of online delivery technology,” comments Kim Robinson, #1 sales trainer for “We produce our own videos and have converted all our courses to video. We deliver them using true cutting edge technology so that we can now train more people in more areas of customer contact in less time for less money than was ever thought possible just a year ago. And I no longer have to live on the road out of a suitcase. Is this a great country or what?”

About ( provides MSOs and contract sales companies alike with web-based video sales training courses for Door-to-Door Sales (Now with a Spanish language version), Tech Ops RGU Upgrade Sales, Front Counter Sales and Customer Service, Inbound Call Center Sales, Inbound Call Center Customer Service Call Transitioning and Outbound Telemarketing.’s web-based delivery platform enables the company to provide effective, convenient and economical sales training to any company or single person anywhere in the world as long as they have access to a high speed Internet connection.

Established originally in 2001 as SMMarT Consulting Group, Inc., spun off in 2007 and is dedicated solely to sales training and coaching for the cable television industry. It has offices in Iowa, Florida and Washington.

Kim Robinson
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June 23, 2011

Dear Janeen,

Ameridial announced today that Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC)'s Customer Interaction Solutions® magazine has named Ameridial as a recipient of a 2011 CRM Excellence Award. Customer Interaction Solutions has been the premier publication in the CRM, call center and teleservices industries since 1982.

"The CRM Excellence Award marks a significant achievement for Ameridial and our Customers. It represents a milestone accomplishment specifically in the area of our Blended Inbound and Outbound Service and Sales Solutions. We would like to thank our customers and staff for their commitment and effort which has led to this kind of recognition" said Craig Vretas, Director, Business Development, Ameridial.

"The 12th annual CRM Excellence Awards has recognized Ameridial for being a true CRM partner to its customers and clients," said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. "Ameridial has demonstrated to the editors of Customer Interaction Solutions that their products & services have improved the processes of their clients' businesses by streamlining and facilitating the flow of information needed for companies to retain their most precious asset...their customers."

Based on hard data, The CRM Excellence Award relies on facts and numbers demonstrating the improvements that the winner's product has made in a client's business. Winners were chosen on the basis of their product or service's ability to help extend and expand the customer relationship to become all encompassing, covering the entire enterprise and the entire lifetime of the customer.

Ameridial is a leading provider of contact center services and employs more than 800 professional service and sales representatives in seven Ohio locations.

For more information, call 1-800-445-7128 or visit our website.

Joni Willaman - Marketing/Communications Manager
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